Drawing Tiger Eye

Drawing Realistic Tiger With Pencil-Eyes

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<<Drawing the Eye

Drawing Hair Around the Eye

Step 11

If you haven’t read the previous tutorial on the technique on drawing hair, i recommend that you read it. It will help you understand the technique and will help you put it into better practice in this tutorial. I’ll explain it step by step, but if you know what im talking about it will be much easier. You can start off by reading this tutorial on drawing hair. Let’s move on.

Take your stylus and start indenting on the area under the eye. Indent from top right to bottom left and make sure that you randomly crisscross them. Make some shorter than others. Each indentation would be a hair or clump of hair. If you look at the reference image you will see that the hairs overlap and are different in length. That’s what we’re going for using this technique. Don’t make them straight either, give them a slight curve to each side, this makes it much more natural looking. Take your needle stylus and add some fine indentations to the ends. This will suggest finer hairs and that the tips of the hairs are finer. Now take your progresso pencil and you will outline the edge, revealing the hair. Don’t press too hard with the pencil or else you will get pencil into the indentations. Using this same technique you will do the same to the area above the eye. The area above the eye will have much longer hair so make sure that the indentations are a bit longer and that the ends are spread out at top. Again add some finer lines at the top to get the illusion of finger hairs. Outline the area with your 4b progresso pencil to bring out the tips. Notice that some lines are longer that others, this gives it a touch of realism by suggesting longer hairs.

Step 12

Step 13

Take your empty pen stylus and you will now begin indenting the hair to the right of the eye, The flow of the hair in this section runs up. You can always look at the finished drawing to see which way to indent. Its still the same technique as the previous steps except that its going in a different direction and the strokes will be a bit longer since the hair is longer. pencil tiger eyeAgain, make sure to overlap the indentations and to not make them all straight or else it will look unnatural and stiff. Once you have finished indenting you can add finer hairs by using the needle stylus. This will mix both finer and ticker hairs giving you a more natural look. With time you will understand how hair flows and how it behaves and you will know where to add these indentations.

Do the same thing to the area above the dark outline that we made above. You are now indenting all the layers of hair that are above the eye. Until you reach the top. The outline that you see in the top left corner is end of another layer. Hopefully that doesn’t confuse you, but you have to imagine the tips of the layer below overlapping the beginning of the next layer above. The direction that the hair flows in this section is to the top left, so make the indentations in that direction. But make sure that they curve and that they are random. Finish off by adding a few finer lines with the needle styles to the ends of each layer.

You will now add some long hairs that are over the eye, kind of like whiskers. The green and red lines on the left image, indicates where you will be adding the long hairs using the empty pen stylus. Make sure to indent in a fast motion so you get a nice smooth line. If you try to make it slow it will be hard to indent smoothly. Once you have made them you can make them thicker by running the pen slowly over the line. Remember that this is above the rest of the hair, so it was done after the other hair was indented. You could have made these hairs first and then create the other, but then you would have had to indent them again to bring them back up. There will be situations where you will have to do this, but its not something that will cause problems. And just like that , you now have long whiskers. Start to blend the edges of the hair that is just below the eyes, you are just blending the edges and using your 2h pencil make some shadows on the white hairs. Remember, the indentations will are the hairs and anything that doesn’t get indented will be the shadows that these hairs make. On white hair the trick is to fill in a couple of these shadows to give the illusion of hairs clumping together which makes shadows. You will get the hang of it as you understand how hair grows and by practicing. If you could see how many sheets of paper i have covered with indentations, used to practice and experiment. Do the same and you will be amazed at what you can learn.

Step 14

Take your 4b progresso pencil and start to fill in the area above the “eyebrow”, the area that is under the long whiskers that you made in the last step. This area will be a dark a stripe. Cover the area up to where i have it outlined it. Don’t press too hard or else you will get some graphite on the long hairs. If you do get some on, just erase by making a fine edge with your kneaded eraser and tapping along the hair. To darken the edges, blend with the color shaper, its amazing for blending the indentations. It gets graphite into the grooves and blends nicely into the dark areas.

I’m going to leave it like this, I’ve explained all the techniques necessary for you to finish the whole drawing yourself. Yup, I’m gonna make you work. i want you to put some of the techniques that you have learned into practice. Look at my finished drawing and other photographs for reference and go for it. The point of these tutorials is not to get the drawings to look perfect the first time, but for you to understand the techniques so that with practice you can slowly improve your drawings.


Hair Clumps: Looking at the reference image you will notice that hair clump up and create what looks like thicker hairs. How do you get this effect? Well once you have darkened the hair. You take your kneaded eraser and you tap along a couple of indentations that are close together. By doing this you are removing the shadows between them and therefore creating clumps. To bring them out even more, you outline them using your mechanical pencil. This outline will be the shadow being cast by this clump of hair. On my final drawing, you can see these on the hair that is on the bottom left corner.

If you are having problems just leave a comment and i will reply to help you out. Once you finish, you can send me a picture of your work. I’ll be adding a members gallery with drawings that members have made. One last thing, If you find these tutorials helpful please share them using the sharethis button below. Enjoy and keep on drawing.

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