Suggestive Realism

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Drawing is a big part of my life and its something i use to express myself. Through my art i want to express the way i see the world. Its a combination of many elements that have been influenced by different things. Ever since i can remember i have enjoyed to draw. I still have my first pencil drawing that i did back in high school. Its the drawing that got me hooked on pencil drawing :). It doesn’t have the same realism as the ones that i do now but it does have something that i try to keep in all my drawing. In that drawing you can see sharp lines and deep shadows. You can see the the pencil marks and the line movement.

My goal is to capture the moment along with bringing whatever subject im drawing to life. I strive for realism but i want to keep the artistic look through lines and pencil marks. From a distance you can see may say it looks like a photo but at closer inspection you see that what you are seeing is a combination of lines and shading. I consider this to be suggestive realism, fooling the eye into seeing realism. Suggesting realism with simple lines and shapes.

Drawing is an obsession to me, im so passionate about it that ideas fill my mind day and night. When im working on a drawing, im always thinking of new ways of achieving realism. I have tried all kinds of tools to get different effects. At the moment suggestive realism is something that all my pieces have. With time my work may become more photo realistic or abstract. Its a journey that im happy to take and hopefully reach my goal of taking the pencil medium to new heights.

I love creating the illusion and experimenting with new ways to fool the eye. A single pencil line can suggest a single hair, two lines running side by side can suggest the shape of a white whisker. Understanding what the eye sees and what you can do for the eye to see the same thing using lines and shapes is a challenge. This makes drawing much more interesting. Drawing is not only about putting down lines on paper but finding new ways to bring a drawing to life. If you can fool your own eyes i can guarantee that others will get the same effect.

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