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Drawing Lion Mane With Pencil Tutorial

Drawing Lion Mane With Pencil

Drawing Lion Mane

Drawing realistic hair is more of an understanding of what you are drawing than the technique. It’s such a huge help knowing what you are drawing rather than going with only what you know. I’m sure we can picture a lion’s mane in our heads, but do you actually know what it really looks like. That extra bit of information and detail is what will make your drawing much more realistic. In this tutorial we will look at the mane and will break it down and we will use my technique to draw it. If this is your first time on this site, i recommend you try this tutorial first to make it easier on what were gonna be doing. Let’s get started. Continue reading

Drawing A Realistic Dog Nose

Drawing A Realistic Dog Nose

In this tutorial we will be drawing a dog’s nose. A step by step tutorial that will show you how to add detail to give it much more realism. I’ m sure theres been times that you have made a drawing but you have no idea on how to go about adding detail. This tutorial will help you add detail to a dog’s nose using simple techniques. You can use this technique on almost every animal nose. Continue reading

Drawing Realistic Hair With Pencil

Drawing Realistic Hair With Pencil Part Two-Cat Drawing

Well in this tutorial we will work on a sample drawing using the technique that was introduced here. I explain what steps to take when drawing whiskers and cat hair. Cat hair is short hair so we will focus on acquiring texture using the techniques that i explained on the introduction to hair tutorial.

First thing i do when i start to draw hair is see the direction that the hair will be flowing. This is important because the hair will follow the contours of the face or body structure. Continue reading

Drawing Realistic Cat Eyes

Drawing Realistic Cat Eyes

I’ve always been asked how i draw cat eyes. These are the steps that i take to draw them and they are one of my favorite things to draw. Cat eyes are so beautiful, not only in color but the designs and depth that they have. They are beautiful animals, but we can all agree that their eyes makes them so much special. They look amazing when drawn in pencil. I love the size of their eyes, they are much bigger than the eyes of other animals which allows you to put in so much more detail and makes the animal come to life. Continue reading