ACEO Speed Cat Blue Jay Pencil Drawing

Lately I’ve been working mostly on these miniature drawings. I’ve been recording them also to give you an idea of how i work. These videos have been sped up because they take me a couple of hours to complete. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, these tiny pieces of artwork are not only fun to draw but are a great way to improve on your drawing techniques. Their size forces you to be much more careful and allows you to use your tools in different ways. This drawing is different than my others, because this one tells more of a story and is not just an animal portrait.

I love animals and their way of life makes it fascinating to study. In this drawing my goal was to capture a moment where both animals are doing their own thing in the same space. The blue jay looking beautiful and singing to the world and the cat wandering around with it instinct always alert and ready. The blue jay bird has no clue that its being watched and if he doesn’t watch out can become lunch. This is how i see it but you can see it any way you want to since art can be interpreted in different ways. Well here it is.

Tools Used:
2h Pencil
6h Pencil
2b Mechanical Pencil
6b Progresso Pencil
Kneaded Eraser
Color Shaper

The Hunter

The techniques that i used in this drawing are the ones that i use in all my drawings. I took my time working on the cat since it took such a small area on the paper. I didn’t want it to get lost in all the other detail and i wanted the viewer to be able to tell that it was a cat that was hiding. In all my drawings i try to put as much detail as possible in the eyes to bring the animal to life. In this drawing the cat’s eyes are more visible and detailed because the cat is the main character in this story. Even though the blue jay is part of the drawing the cat is the one that draws you into the artwork. I used the stylus(needle) to create the hair on the cat and some of the hair on the blue jay. The challenge was adding some hairs that were going to be visible under the leaves that were over the cat. These kind of challenges is what makes drawing fun and gives you such satisfaction when you see the pencil drawing complete.The blue jay in this drawing is the cat’s object of desire, its what its wild instincts are after. I put the bird on a wooden pole, challenging the cat’s hunting skills, as to say “there it is, can you catch it”. The detail on the blue jay, since its a pencil drawing you can’t see if its blue, but through the markings you should be able to tell what kind of bird it is.The surrounding foliage was added to give the image a jungle kind of feel. A place where if you’re not careful you can lose your life as there are predators hiding in every shadow. Through the leaves i was able to give the drawing a bit of depth to suggest to the viewer that the cat is hiding in the distance. The leaves that are closer to the bird are much larger than the leaves that are covering the cat. The leaves were first outlined and i added the the dark background which made the leaves jump out. The smaller leaves were made using the stylus(empty pen). I first outlined the leaves and then with the stylus indented the lines. After that it was just a matter of running the progresso pencil over the lines which made the leaves jump out. By making some leaves darker than others i was able to suggest which leaves were under shadows and which ones were hit by some light. To darken the indented lines i just ran the color shaper over the lines which blended the surrounding graphite into the white lines. I made sure that i made the indentations thicker at the top of the lines so they had somewhat the shape of a leaf. After running the progresso pencil over the lines i outlined the leaves with my mechanical pencil to give the leaves a much sharper look.

I had to use all my techniques to finish this drawing and im really happy with the results. Like i mentioned at the beginning, this is not only a pencil drawing, but a pencil drawing that tells a story and i believe i was able to do that. Despite its small size, this is by far one of my favorite drawings that i have made. This drawing took me approximately 3 hours to complete and you get to see it in 7 minutes, lucky you. Well i hope you enjoyed the video and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

12 thoughts on “ACEO Speed Cat Blue Jay Pencil Drawing”

  1. Good drawing. And nice detail. I can sort of draw like that. But my lack of visualizing what I want to draw would never do good on a picture like this. I like it, and I hope I will be able to learn how to do good with more than just a pencil.

  2. Obviously I'm a late comer, but I'm very delighted with finding the site. This was particularly good, I was amazed what depth you could attain in such a small piece. Loved it, and will most likely watch it over a couple of times;O)

  3. i think you should just show us the projects you did instead of having us watch a video because it kinda takes a ling time to watch.

    ps:i love the drawings you made already. i also love to draw and i want to get my artwork out there any suggestions. please reply

  4. oh ! it's stupendous….. i must chant it a million times :) i'd love to know about the colour shaper , it's the most important thing which gives life to what you draw . am quite good in drawing but it's just good drawing , there's no life cause am dumb to know such great techniques unlike you :) that's the great secret out there lol lol :):D

  5. my name is tony this negative drawings is hurting my brain i'm 63 yrs old i started drawing 3 months ago i been doing great with line drawing it seems to me it's a lot of work, i wached your negative drawing of the leaves this is whare i get lost, you have a picture with 5 leaves on a stem i 'm going to shade the leaves which takes a lot of time and doing this it covers the stem than i have to erase all the shading aroud the leaves than i have to the same thing for the stem and i found that it was difficult to make nice leaves this way there is a lot of eraseing ,on less i9 don't understand this negative stuff

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