Drawing A Realistic Dog Nose

Drawing A Realistic Dog Nose

In this tutorial we will be drawing a dog’s nose. A step by step tutorial that will show you how to add detail to give it much more realism. I’ m sure theres been times that you have made a drawing but you have no idea on how to go about adding detail. This tutorial will help you add detail to a dog’s nose using simple techniques. You can use this technique on almost every animal nose. I’ll add other tutorials on other animals but for now we will focus on drawing a dog’s nose. The main focus on this drawing will be texture and lighting. When people draw a dog’s nose they usually draw the shape and fill it all in with black. It will look like a nose but it doesn’t have the realism that it could have.

Tools Used:

  • 2b Mechanical Pencil
  • 4b Progresso Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Stylus
  • Color Blender
  • Chamy Towel
  • 2H Wood Cased Pencil
  • Bristol Vellum Paper

drawing a realistic dog nose with pencil

Well this is the drawing that we will be working on. The goal of this tutorial is for you to understand the technique that i used to get these effects. If the drawing doesn’t end up looking like this, don’t worry about it. As long as you understand the technique with time and practice you will see results. Well lets get started. We will use the image below as reference.

drawing realist nose with pencil

Step 1

drawing a realistic dog nose with pencil

Ok with your 2b mechanical pencil you first draw the outline. Draw it as light as possible so in case you need to erase there will be no marks. This drawing measures approximately 4 inches in width. I made the image darker so you could see the outline. This will tutorial will help you understand how to add texture not only to the nose but its a technique that can be used on other objects as well.

40 thoughts on “Drawing A Realistic Dog Nose”

  1. Thank you very much for posting this tutorial. I have *so much* to learn about drawing…it’s one of the items on my life list of things I want to be able to do well.

  2. Hi again.
    I have a not related to this tutorial question,
    When I draw a background for example all black background I use the progresso pencil, but the problem is that there are many white dots left after it. I tried blending it, but nothing, this is really what you used to make the nose texture but it becomes a problem for me :S. Maybe because I’m using a printer paper I didn’t try in another one.
    Do you know how can I get rid of those white dots?

  3. The paper is that you are using is probably the problem. To get smoothness i suggest you use bristol smooth paper. I use canson bristol smooth, but you can try different ones to test them out. You can ask at your local art store that you are looking for bristol smooth drawing pads and they should help you out. Something that you can try is first lay down a layer of pencil using your shading stump. Over this layer you add the dark pencil and the white dots shouldn’t be so significant. You can also layer the graphite. Add pencil, blend it, add more pencil, layer it and so on, until you are happy with the results. This method might take a while but the results are great. But i first suggest for you to get that kind of paper if you are looking for smoothness. Like i said, try different papers to see what works well. Well take care and that horse looks awesome.

  4. thank you so much for the tutorils you make them look so easy i like the dogs nose hardest thing i can do thank you for the gridd and extreme close up most artist dont do this.

  5. thank you so much for the tutorils you make them look so easy i like the dogs nose hardest thing i can do thank you for the gridd and extreme close up most artist dont do this.

  6. YOU ARE AWSOME !!! its been a long time since i dre but when i saw your drawings and tutorials i was reinspired by you to start drawing again ,,,

    Thank You

  7. YOU ARE AWSOME !!! its been a long time since i dre but when i saw your drawings and tutorials i was reinspired by you to start drawing again ,,,

    Thank You

  8. Hi my name is philip and i have recently started to try and learn my self to draw in pencil i have never drawn before and i am 42yrs old i stumbled across your tutorials trying to learn i find them very helpful and especially on how to draw hair or fur im really interested in learning how to draw dogs im by know means good but agian i find your hints and tips very helpful and hope that some day i can be as good as yourself absolutely fascinating stuff thank thanks for all your help

  9. I've sketched for years but have never made it from the level of Advanced to Jedi. Thanks for this AMAZING bit of insight on powerful and really amazing techniques at developing sketches!!

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I recently started drawing my dog and I finished everything except the nose. I started putting it off but this certenly helped me. :D

  11. OMGgoodness! you are an amazing artist:-)
    i've always taken accelarated art classes since grade school, and this taught me so much. none of my teachers took it step-by-step so i found your techniques very insightful. i love drawing eyes and i think it's become another one of my insane drawing obsessions…Lol.

  12. Thankyou so much Sir, I have a passion in me to draw but wasn't able to express it until i read your tutorial, the passion was there but I was sure the ability wasn't…..you've given me a sense of direction with your tutorial and I have now discovered that, well i'm not too bad afterall….thankyou

  13. Your SOOOOOO Good at drawing!!! :) I'm currently making a Dograf (dog and giraffe) its a mixture for an avatar i am creating and i totally needed a dog nose!! :) Thanks so much!

  14. I have recently heard of two sisters that recently lost their beloved Jack Russel Terrier named Bandit to two back to back attacks from a neighborhood dog. The second time the dog viciously tore apart a crate the dog was in while the family ran to town, only to come back and find the dog dead in their driveway. Needless to say the two girls are devastated. So I am wondering if you would be able to draw their little Bandit as a memorial? I have a number of pictures to work from. Let me know, your art is amazing! GOD bless you!

  15. The second page is mega small! Just under the facebook and twitter links at the bottom of the tutorial . A tiny 1 & 2 took me a little minutefor me to spot,

  16. Wow this is really great. One thing though, all your tutorials are just parts of a face. Maybe you could do a whole face of a cat, dog, or human, please? I love these tutorials but they don’t help me in drawing faces.

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