Drawing Realistic Mouth and Teeth

Drawing Realistic Mouth and Teeth

In this tutorial we will be drawing a big smile. The purpose of this tutorial is to learn how to render texture and reflections using simple techniques. We will be using a combination of different techniques to give a more realistic look to lips and teeth. Well i hope you enjoy this tutorial and you learn much from it. My goal is for you to understand the techniques. My goal with this tutorial is for you to understand the techniques that can be used to achieve the effects. Your first drawing might not look as you want it, but i can guarantee that with time you will see results, its all about wanting to improve and practice. Well here we go.

You can use this image for reference. Click to see high resolution image.

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Tools Used:

  • 2b Mechanical Pencil
  • 2h Wood Cased Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Color Blender
  • Chamois Towel
  • Stylus
  • Canson Bristol Smooth

drawing realistic mouth and teeth with pencil

Step 1

drawing realistic mouth and teeth with pencil

Well this is the outline that we will be working on. This drawing measures approximately 6 inches in width. I recommend using 2b pencil to draw the outline since you don’t have to press too hard for it to leave a noticeable outline. If you can use a heavier paper such as bristol it would be best. This will make using the stylus much easier. I will explain this on the next step. Don’t make the outline too dark, just enough for you to be able to see the pencil. I darkened the image a bit so you could see the outline.

Step 2

drawing realistic mouth and teeth with pencil

The stylus is an important tool that i work with. I use it on about 90% of my drawings. I’m all about tricking the eyes too see realism in my pencil drawings. This little tool allows me to add texture and realism with ease. Just like in the eye tutorial, i mentioned that most people haven’t paid any attention to the details of their eyes. The same is true with the mouth. We know the shape of our lips but we don’t know what it actually looks like. First of all they are not smooth. Lips are full of texture and one simple way to test this is to run one finger over them. You will feel the textures and contours. draing realist lips and mouth with pencilIf you look at them close you will notice they are bumpy, especially the lower lip. You will also notice that when moist they reflect light and you can see these reflections. If you’re a woman you will notice these reflections much more if you are wearing glossy lipstick. These little things give the lips such unique characteristics and why not try to capture them on paper to give your pencil drawings much more realism.

Well in this step i filled in the space between the lower lip and the top teeth. Using 4b progresso pencil will give you a nice dark shade. The top gums were filled in lightly using 2h pencil to bring out the teeth. The teeth will be left for last. When working on a drawing with ahigh contrast of light and shadows, its great to lay down the darkest area first for reference. I also outlined the grooves that run down the bottom lip. These grooves are much more visible on fuller lips, but they are present on all lips. drawing realistic lips and mouth with pencilWell on the left corner of mouth i added some reflections and i did this my indenting some spots and lines using the stylus. On the left side you can see a reference. Once you have indented the lines and spots you can rub the area with the chamois towel. If you don’t know what it is, you can check out the tools to see what it looks like. Make sure that it is completely dry. Lay down some graphite with your progresso pencil on a separate sheet of paper and rub with the chamois. This will add graphite to the towel. Lightly run the towel over the indented area and you will see the indentations. Like I’ve mentioned before, there are many ways to achieve what you are looking for. This is how i do it, i think that using a stylus gives my drawings a unique look and theres actual texture in my drawings. Another way you can do this is to remove graphite with kneaded eraser in a dotted pattern. Experimenting is the fun part of drawing, and you will be surprised of what you can learn when you do. These reflections are not directly from the light source. The light is coming from the right side and these reflections are on the left side. Well these reflections are from other sources such as windows,light walls,etc that reflect the light source. Basically these are reflections of reflections. These little details will add much more realism to your drawings. Understanding these things will help in all your drawings. Study photographs and question why things look the way they do.

Step 3

drawing realistic mouth and teeth with pencil

We will now begin to work on the bottom lip starting from the left side. Running your progresso pencil over the left side will darken that area and will make the indentations jump out. Remember that the light source is coming from the right side and the area between each groove are raised, so they will cast a shadow to the left.

Step 4

drawing realistic mouth and teeth with pencil

Here we will outline the the reflection lines that run above the lips. These lines will serve as a guide to add the light texture. The red lines are groove lines that i added as well, these will serve as highlights which will give the drawing a bit more realism and much more depth. I added these groves using the stylus, in my case a pen with no ink. You can add finer ones later on using the kneaded eraser. These grooves will be blended into the area around it so they don’t look too obvious using the color blender.

44 thoughts on “Drawing Realistic Mouth and Teeth”

  1. There should be a lighter shade line running along the outer outline of the lips (between the outline of lips and the skin of the face)You can observe this if you look at your own mouth in a mirror.
    otherise the tutorial is very good

  2. There should be a lighter shade line running along the outer outline of the lips (between the outline of lips and the skin of the face)You can observe this if you look at your own mouth in a mirror.
    otherise the tutorial is very good

  3. thank you so much. Asha thats exactly what i mean when i say that studying improves your detail. Those subtle details will make your drawings much more realistic. The more you study what you are drawing the more you will be able to add to the drawing.

    Sid, i just took one of those cheap mechanical pencils and i inserted a needle on the tip. A 0.7 mechanical pencil would be best because it would be much easier to put in the needle. Once the needle is in, you can tape around it. Make sure to file down the tip a bit so that it doesn’t shred through the paper. If you have any other questions just contact me.

  4. Thank you very much for very detail descriptions. I took drawing classes for two semesters and did not learn as much as I did reading you tutoring.

  5. Thank you very much for very detail descriptions. I took drawing classes for two semesters and did not learn as much as I did reading you tutoring.

  6. The texture you added was amazing and i didn't do anything like that xD

    i don't have any chamois towels so i fail.

    When i go to the 7th grade, hopefully they'll teach something as good as your tutorials.

  7. This is absolutly amazing!
    I tried drawing a mouth both before and after this tutorial. the difference is staggering. Thankyou this was so helpful

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  9. Ouch. This was harder than drawing the eye. I nearly went cross-eyed trying to sort out all the minute details, but is good training to help see all the finer details which really adds richness to the finished product. I need more practice with this one…. thanks again for the excellent instruction.

  10. My second attempt at this tutorial was a little better. Still having trouble with the stylus. It's hard to see exactly where I'm embedding those lines and discover they're the wrong size or placement after I start blending. Once they're scratched in, they're there to stay! Is this an intuitive thing that you learn eventually or is there a trick to proper placement? Did it take you awhile to feel comfortable using a stylus? Also, all the drawing classes I took years ago pushed the ebony pencil. How does that compare to the graphite pencils you use? Sorry this is long winded… so many questions!

  11. sometimes its hard to follow allong man idk im 17 i want to learn to draw better than i do so meybee vidoes would be great? i think so thank you so much anyways i m still learning thanks to you

  12. I have one question. I learned not to use a tortillon. my teatcher always told me not to use it, to let the draw with expressivism. What do you think about using tortillon?

  13. Brilliant tutorial and it's very helpful to render texture and reflections using simple techniques as well! Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic "Mouth drawing" at hand. Thanks for this allocation……..

  14. This is what you call "talent"! Perhaps, a dentist can hire you to draw beautiful smiles and teeth and have them framed and displayed on his or her clinic.

  15. Hey. What I would give to be able to draw a mouth like that! It's amazing, I tried it but it looked no where near as good as yours! ;)

  16. im 12 going for an art scholership your tutorial really helped me and i hope my teacher will notice how much ive improved
    so, thanks

  17. I think that I we'll draw it better I u make a Vidio so all the people who love to learn drawing we'll be happy like me!!!

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