My Passion

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Well before any tutorials, i would like to talk about my art. Ive always loved drawing and ive been doing it ever since i can remember. Its something that i enjoy and that im passionate about. I’m interested in anything that is artistic and enjoy sharing ideas with other artists out there.

Why Pencil? Well i have tried other mediums and i have enjoyed using them. They each have something that makes them unique and portrays art in a different way. I can remember finishing my first detailed pencil drawing. It was back in high school and it was a drawing of mother Theresa. The effect of lines and shadows and how they came together got me hooked on what is now a passion for me. Pencil is so unique, the intensity from its contrast of black cannot be compared. Ive always been interested in black and white photography and pencil has that and more. It communicates feeling through lines and shades of black. A really good pencil drawing can bring the viewer into that world and let them experience what they are looking at.

Pencil, unfortunately does not get the recognition it deserves. My goal is to change at least someones view on this incredible medium. There are some great pencil artists out there and they help tremendously bring pencil to where i want it to be. Pencil is a medium that when used correctly can go toe to toe against a traditional oil painting. There is something that attracts people to a pencil drawing. Maybe its the thought that a pencil, what we have come know as the starting point of any art piece,article or story,can create a complete art piece.

Well thats a bit of how on what i love to do, you might not agree with me and i would love to know what your feelings are on this.

I hope this tutorial was helpful in improving your artwork. If it was, be sure to show support by sharing it with social media below. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the amazing response!!

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