New Pencil Drawing Tool Discovered

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As you already know im always in search in ways to improve my artwork, either by using new techniques or new tools. My mind is always working as to how i can create realism using different techniques. That is how i came up with using the needle to help in drawing hair. Before taking up the pencil medium as my tool of choice i used to paint. I enjoyed painting abstract and still life. I enjoy watching paintings from the old masters and studying their beautiful work. But once i discovered what i could do with a pencil i put away my brushes and focused on pencil.

A couple of days ago i was working on a section of a drawing where i need to add pencil that faded out lightly. In order to put pencil down smoothly on paper i have used a chamy towel which works great, but is not that good for tight corners. This towel works great for large areas. While working on that drawing i thought of using my paint brushes. I thought it was crazy but thought it might just work if i tried it. So i looked for the brushes and finally found them. I put down some pencil on a separate piece of paper to test it out. I then started brushing over it with the brush and to my amazement it blended beautifully. Just like that i had a new tool to work with. But it didn’t end there. I thought to myself that when i painted i would put the paint in the palette and would dip my brush in the color that i needed. progresso 6b pencilSo my crazy mind came up with the idea of rubbing my 6b progresso pencil over some sand paper to make some pencil dust. I collected this dust in a small container and whenever i needed to blend an area, i could just dip the brush over the dust. pencil dustOf course you have to make sure that if you want to blend light lightly, you have to either use the brush without using too much dust or remove some of the dust by brushing on a separate piece of paper. You don’t have to use a 6b pencil, you can use whatever pencil you have or want. You can also use the pencil shavings that you get when you sharpen your pencils. Watch the video below to get an idea on how it can be used.

As you can see its great for blending pencil really nicely. This can really come in handy when drawing smooth surfaces such as skin or other objects with a smooth surface. How dark you want it depends on how much graphite you add to the brush. If you want a dark area you would just add pencil and blend. Keep repeating this until you are satisfied with the results. Getting different results can also be achieved by using different brushes. There are all kinds of paint brushes out there and you can imagine what fun you’ll have experimenting with the possibilities. This is just an introduction to this new tool and later on i will write a tutorial on how it can be used on a specific area. Well hopefully this can be helpful in improving your artwork and give you an idea of how things that you never thought could be used for pencil drawing can be helpful.

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