Tools of the Trade

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Well i cant do much without the trusty pencil and you cant do much unless you learn to use the right ones.

Mechanical Pencil:

I have .5 and .7, each one used for different areas of a drawing. They come in handy with fine detail and tight areas. They are great to handle, but i recommend getting the ones with a rubber grip, as this will give you much more control. They last much longer because leads are protected by pencil casing.

Progresso pencils are solid sticks of graphite and very versatile tools. I have two, i have 2b and 6b and use the primarily when working with with hair and i will explain later on how to use these pencils to create realistic fur.




Indenting stylus:

Well this is my main tool for adding texture and realism to animal hair and fur. Just what is it, you ask? Well its used for impressing a line into paper before drawing starts, this makes an invisible line. When you run the pencil over it, it leaves a clean white line. Well this tool can be used in many areas such as hair,grass and other fine details. Once you understand how to use this, it will become a handy tool for adding realism to your pencil drawings. I have two and i made these myself. I have one for fine lines which i made using a pen and adding a needle to the tip of it. Make sure you sand down the tip a bit or else it will rip through paper. The second one that i have is a ball point empty pen which i use for thicker lines. Make sure that you have completely gotten all the ink out of the pen or you might get some unfortunate mistakes :D. The tip thickness depends on the pen itself also, look for the one that works best. Both of these are great for adding realism to your drawings. This is a style that i have developed and that has worked for me, you might not like working with this but that allows you to find a style that will work for you.




Stumps and Tortillons

These are used for blending graphite. they are double ended and is a great tool for getting smooth transitions from dark to light. Never, ever, ever use your finger to blend pencil because the oils from your fingers will cause graphite to stick to paper. Getting these little spots is the worst thing in a drawing, they practically impossible to remove.



Color Shaper

These are basically used the same was as tortillon but should be used for smaller tighter areas. Mainly used for oil or acrylic, its great for drawing. You can find these at your local art store. They come in different tip shapes which can be helpful with different effects that you are looking to get, experiment.





You cant do much with stub, so these little tools come in handy. These not only can be used for sharpening the wood cased pencils and pencil erasers, but you can also use the graphite residue that collects to use with the tortillon.




Stick Erasers

These pencils are great for making highlights and adding depth to your drawings. You can easily sharpen them with sharpener giving you much more control. The refills are inexpensive and is essential in creating drawings.




Kneaded Eraser

A tool that gave me the opportunity to give much more life to my drawings. It might look like just a piece of playdoh, but its a great tool for any pencil artist. It works just like an eraser, but it just pulls out almost any mark that has been made with a pencil. When molded to a fine line, it can pull graphite off the paper leaving a nice clean line. Great for creating hair and highlights, its a tool that must be included with all your others.




Shami Towel:

Yup, the same ones that you use to wash your car. You can buy these at any store where they sell car accessories. These little towels are great for blending large areas. Make sure the piece you are using is completely dry. Just add pencil and blend. You’ll be amazed at how smooth it blends pencil.

I hope this tutorial was helpful in improving your artwork. If it was, be sure to show support by sharing it with social media below. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the amazing response!!

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