Majesty Tiger Lion Pencil Drawing


18 January 2017

Tiger Lion Pencil Drawing This pencil drawing was done for the love that I have of these beautiful big cats, the tiger and lion. These…

Tiger Cub Pencil Drawing by Lisandro Pena

Resting Tiger Cub

26 December 2016

Tiger Cub Pencil Drawing This pencil drawing was a commission for a client who fell in love with one of my older drawings but unfortunately…

Striped Contemplation Tiger Pencil Drawing

Striped Contemplation

16 August 2016

  Striped Contemplation Tiger Pencil Drawing It’s always a pleasure to draw a tiger. These animals are so beautiful but it always makes me sad…

Tiger Pencil and charcoal drawing

Look Into My Eyes

29 August 2014

This was a fun drawing. It took me a while to complete this one because i spent quite some time adding small details, such as…

11"x14" Wolf Moon Pencil Drawing

Wolf Moon

16 July 2013

This drawing was inspired by my sister in laws native background. Native American full moon names were established by eastern and northern tribes.

Tattoo Loon Pencil Drawing


18 June 2013

This was a tattoo design for a customer. My client is native and she asked me to incorporate 4 bear paws and a loon.

11x14-Sumatran Tiger Pencil Drawing

Sumatran Tiger

04 June 2013

Always a treat when i have to draw these beautiful animals. This sumatran tiger is the definition of wild beauty. This drawing measures 11″x14″ and was drawn with pencil and charcoal


Evolution: Great Gray Owl

11 January 2013

This drawing Was a fun project. It was something that i’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I decided to keep the background simple in order for the owl to be the only focus and nothing else.


07 January 2012

This commission was done for a friend over the Christmas holidays. Even though i dont draw many portraits of people,i always enjoy them. This drawing…

Amur Leopard

13 December 2011

This drawing was fun project because i was able to record the whole drawing from start to finish. It took a bit longer because of…

Persian Cat

21 November 2011

This drawing of a persian cat was a commission for a client who wanted it as a birthday gift. I love drawing cats and this…

Pine Cone Pencil Drawing

Pine Cone

09 July 2009

This is a study of a pine cone which ill be doing to practice for my next drawing

Last Years Chimp Pencil Drawing

Last Years

03 November 2008

Just like humans,animals show their age through their features as well.

German Shepherd

Well this is another commission drawing that i did for someone.


This drawing was a commission for a brown Labrador owner.

Baby Gorilla

Baby Gorilla

This little guy was my first drawing where i mixed an animal and plants.


This is a commission that i did for an amazing artist named Dee Dee Murry.

Frog Pencil Drawing


The main focus on this drawing is the texture.


This project was a great one to work on.