23 November 2011

I enjoy drawing smaller pieces for practice. Smaller drawings are much more challenge because of details become smaller. My goal is to add as much…

Cheshire Cat

27 July 2009

This pencil drawing was inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland movie

Tree Frog

14 July 2009

Most of my drawings usually take me a few days to complete

Tiger Cub Taking a Break

19 November 2008

As you may have already noticed from my other drawings, i enjoy drawing big cats.

Blue Eyes White Fang

03 November 2008

I decided to work on this white wolf because i wanted to practice drawing white hair.

Cat 2

This one is small in size just measuring 5×7 but i was able to put in a great amount of detail.

Siberian Tiger

This one is by far one of my most detailed drawings that i have done.

Tiger Cub

This was a quick drawing that i did of a tiger cub.

Kitten 2

Kittens are not only a great subject to draw, but from what i hear, they are adorable as well.


This kitten has everything that makes a good drawing.