New Dawn African Wild Dog

04 May 2017

  African Wild Dog It’s always a pleasure to draw these beautiful dogs. I have always been fascinated by their hunting skills. Their coordination and…

African Wild Dog Pencil Drawing

Lycaon Pictus

11 June 2015

  This commission is of an african wild dog.  My client lives in kenya and sees these dogs around here home and she loves these…

African Wild Dog Pencil Drawing

African Wild Dog

16 July 2014

I have always been fascinated by these animals. Even though they are close in size to our house dogs, they are formidable hunters and their…

Hyenas Pencil Drawing


10 May 2014

watch video in HD for best quality This drawing was a real long project but all the time that was put into it was worth…

The Lion King

24 April 2012

This was a long project. The whole drawing is a combination of different inspirations, the main one being the style of Ansel Adams. I love contrast and his photography work is amazing.


23 November 2011

I enjoy drawing smaller pieces for practice. Smaller drawings are much more challenge because of details become smaller. My goal is to add as much…

Cheetah Pencil Drawing


03 November 2008

Well this is the fourth of my five big cat series.

True Majest Lion Pencil Drawing

True Majesty

This beautiful lion will be part of a limited editions series of big cats.