Persian Cat

21 November 2011

This drawing of a persian cat was a commission for a client who wanted it as a birthday gift. I love drawing cats and this…

Cheshire Cat

27 July 2009

This pencil drawing was inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland movie

Cat 2

03 November 2008

This one is small in size just measuring 5×7 but i was able to put in a great amount of detail.

Sphynx Cat Pencil Drawing

Sphynx Cat

This cat is just beautiful, i just love the look of it.

Calico Cat Pencil Drawing

Calico Cat

These cats are one of the most beautiful of all cats.

Kitten 2

Kittens are not only a great subject to draw, but from what i hear, they are adorable as well.


This kitten has everything that makes a good drawing.