Bowser Bullmastiff Pencil Drawing by Lisandro Pena


22 October 2015

This was a fun project.  This is a life size drawing of my brothers dog, Bowser.  He’s a brindle bullmastiff and as you can see,…

African Wild Dog Pencil Drawing

African Wild Dog

16 July 2014

I have always been fascinated by these animals. Even though they are close in size to our house dogs, they are formidable hunters and their…

German Shepherd

03 November 2008

Well this is another commission drawing that i did for someone.


This drawing was a commission for a brown Labrador owner.


This is a commission that i did for an amazing artist named Dee Dee Murry.


Loosing a pet is one of the most heart breaking experiences that anyone can go through.

Dachshund Pencil Drawing


02 November 2008

Buy OriginalBuy Prints This tiny little guy is one of the most lovable dogs from all the breeds.

Boxer Pencil Drawing


This beautiful boxer is part of my dog series.