Majesty Tiger Lion Pencil Drawing


18 January 2017

Tiger Lion Pencil Drawing This pencil drawing was done for the love that I have of these beautiful big cats, the tiger and lion. These…

Tiger Cub Pencil Drawing by Lisandro Pena

Resting Tiger Cub

26 December 2016

Tiger Cub Pencil Drawing This pencil drawing was a commission for a client who fell in love with one of my older drawings but unfortunately…

Striped Contemplation Tiger Pencil Drawing

Striped Contemplation

16 August 2016

  Striped Contemplation Tiger Pencil Drawing It’s always a pleasure to draw a tiger. These animals are so beautiful but it always makes me sad…

Tiger Eyes Pencil Drawing by Lisandro Pena

Wide Eyes: Tiger

02 November 2015

I love drawing eyes and it had been a while since i had draw them.  This drawing measures 12.5″x3.5″ and was all done with pencil,…

Tiger Pencil and charcoal drawing

Look Into My Eyes

29 August 2014

This was a fun drawing. It took me a while to complete this one because i spent quite some time adding small details, such as…

11x14-Sumatran Tiger Pencil Drawing

Sumatran Tiger

04 June 2013

Always a treat when i have to draw these beautiful animals. This sumatran tiger is the definition of wild beauty. This drawing measures 11″x14″ and was drawn with pencil and charcoal

Siberian Tiger Cub

15 May 2010

This drawing is the first drawing that i have done at this size

Tiger Lion Hybrid

27 January 2009

This was more of a practice drawing than anything else.

Tiger Cub Taking a Break

19 November 2008

As you may have already noticed from my other drawings, i enjoy drawing big cats.

Siberian Tiger

03 November 2008

This one is by far one of my most detailed drawings that i have done.

Tiger Cub

This was a quick drawing that i did of a tiger cub.

Tiger Pencil Drawing

Eye of the Tiger

Buy Original  This beautiful tiger is part of limited edition big cat series.