Amur Leopard

13 December 2011

This drawing was fun project because i was able to record the whole drawing from start to finish. It took a bit longer because of…

Cheshire Cat

27 July 2009

This pencil drawing was inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland movie

Tree Frog

14 July 2009

Most of my drawings usually take me a few days to complete

Pine Cone Pencil Drawing

Pine Cone

09 July 2009

This is a study of a pine cone which ill be doing to practice for my next drawing

Serval Pencil Drawing


05 May 2009

Starting on the hair, which will take me a while to complete.

Tiger Cub Taking a Break

19 November 2008

As you may have already noticed from my other drawings, i enjoy drawing big cats.

Last Years Chimp Pencil Drawing

Last Years

03 November 2008

Just like humans,animals show their age through their features as well.

Baby Gorilla

Baby Gorilla

This little guy was my first drawing where i mixed an animal and plants.

Frog Pencil Drawing


The main focus on this drawing is the texture.

Wolf Pencil Drawing


The wolf has always been a favourite animal of mine and this project was fun because of that reason.