Majesty Tiger Lion Pencil Drawing


18 January 2017

Tiger Lion Pencil Drawing This pencil drawing was done for the love that I have of these beautiful big cats, the tiger and lion. These…

African Wild Dog Pencil Drawing

Lycaon Pictus

11 June 2015

  This commission is of an african wild dog.  My client lives in kenya and sees these dogs around here home and she loves these…

African Wild Dog Pencil Drawing

African Wild Dog

16 July 2014

I have always been fascinated by these animals. Even though they are close in size to our house dogs, they are formidable hunters and their…

11"x14" Wolf Moon Pencil Drawing

Wolf Moon

16 July 2013

This drawing was inspired by my sister in laws native background. Native American full moon names were established by eastern and northern tribes.

Tattoo Loon Pencil Drawing


18 June 2013

This was a tattoo design for a customer. My client is native and she asked me to incorporate 4 bear paws and a loon.

11x14-Sumatran Tiger Pencil Drawing

Sumatran Tiger

04 June 2013

Always a treat when i have to draw these beautiful animals. This sumatran tiger is the definition of wild beauty. This drawing measures 11″x14″ and was drawn with pencil and charcoal


Evolution: Great Gray Owl

11 January 2013

This drawing Was a fun project. It was something that i’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I decided to keep the background simple in order for the owl to be the only focus and nothing else.

The Lion King

24 April 2012

This was a long project. The whole drawing is a combination of different inspirations, the main one being the style of Ansel Adams. I love contrast and his photography work is amazing.

Amur Leopard

13 December 2011

This drawing was fun project because i was able to record the whole drawing from start to finish. It took a bit longer because of…


23 November 2011

I enjoy drawing smaller pieces for practice. Smaller drawings are much more challenge because of details become smaller. My goal is to add as much…

Persian Cat

21 November 2011

This drawing of a persian cat was a commission for a client who wanted it as a birthday gift. I love drawing cats and this…

Saw-Whet Owl

06 October 2010

This is my second drawing this size.

Siberian Tiger Cub

15 May 2010

This drawing is the first drawing that i have done at this size

Tree Frog

14 July 2009

Most of my drawings usually take me a few days to complete

Serval Pencil Drawing


05 May 2009

Starting on the hair, which will take me a while to complete.

Tiger Lion Hybrid

27 January 2009

This was more of a practice drawing than anything else.

Tiger Cub Taking a Break

19 November 2008

As you may have already noticed from my other drawings, i enjoy drawing big cats.

Blue Eyes White Fang

03 November 2008

I decided to work on this white wolf because i wanted to practice drawing white hair.

Last Years Chimp Pencil Drawing

Last Years

Just like humans,animals show their age through their features as well.

Siberian Tiger

This one is by far one of my most detailed drawings that i have done.